I’m working as a Concept Artist at Point Blank Games in Berlin.

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Concept Artist
Working as concept artist on the single-player turn based Shock Tactics. I’m creating designs for environment, characters, vehicles and assets, working at various points in the pipeline. Additionally I’m creating textures in Substance designer, 3D-blockouts in Blender, trees in speedtree and a bunch of other things. I’m also working on level design, drafting and testing the player experience and I’m creating the entire UI including animations in After effects.
Freelance Illustrator / Concept Designer

Working with my art director in Taiwan I created several key visuals that where used in-game for loading screens and menus. Other projects included environment and creature concepts as well as styleguides for assets.

Freelance Illustrator / Concept Designer

For their mobile game, Cure Runners, the Viennese developer Ovos needed story and overworld map illustrations.

Freelance Concept Artist

I created various environment concepts, mood paintings and vehicle concepts for a PC game project. As one of several freelancers I worked with the art direction to streamline my designs with existing pieces.

Graphic Designer

For a year I worked as a graphic designer in the production department on various print and web layouts, folder and magazine designs, logo and CI conception as well as an infrastructure guidance system. I also maintained newsletters and websites (clients include: STRABAG, Marionnaud, Seestadt Aspern).

Topic illustrations

I created a series of illustrations for the Austrian magazine DATUM that lead through the entire issue.

Mythos Wasserkraft

Together with two other freelance designers I created the layout for the mobile street exhibition “Mythos Wasserkraft” from conception to final print version.


BA Game Design

Graduated in2016. Study program included several student projects, where games are created for different platforms. During these I worked on game art, project management, level design and game design.

Study program included graphic, print and web design as well as sound and video editing.

Illustration, Character- & Environment Design, Visual Development Pipelines, Print- & Webdesign, Layout, Game Design

Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, 3DS Max, Blender


German (Native)

English (Professional)

French (Basic)


I love movies, music, animation and games, I’ve been training various martial arts for the last six years and I’ve been absorbed in pen & paper roleplaying for at least ten.

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  1. Hi Florian, I’m from Mexico and I happened to found your blog by accident. I just wanted to say that I really like ur artwork, very inspiring.

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